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December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)
What a difficult question for this year. When did I feel most alive?

Was it my wedding day? Standing out in the bright blue shining example of meteorological perfection, feeling the warm sand scatter underneath my feet and my brain entirely empty with anticipation and nerves I was completely happy. Of the million things that could go wrong. And the small things that needed to go right. The anticipation of seeing my bride all made up eating away at me. Curious exactly how she would look. This face I’ve set eyes on a thousand times before. Only this time, made up to absolute perfection.

What about my honeymoon? That once-in-a-lifetime trip you take with your new spouse. We went to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and weathered a hurricane, met a taxi driver and former prison guard named K-9 and a week of snorkeling in the most beautiful clear water imaginable. Of course, seeing a sea turtle up close and personal was possibly the most single exciting part of the trip.

Was there a huge day I am absolutely forgetting? I have a terrible memory so I try to write down or photograph things to help me remember big events and exciting times. Like the hero of Memento, I try to leave myself reminders of what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

The wedding has to win out. And not for fear of wifely wrath but it truly was the moment I’ve felt the most alive of this year. We were married May 22, 2010. (My early plans of a 10/10 wedding shot down due to cold.)
The day of the wedding could not have been nicer. After early reports of rain and clouds it was cloudless. The temperature was in the low 70s with a cool ocean breeze coming in to shore.

I was a bundle of nerves the weekend of and especially the morning of the actual ceremony. It had been months of careful planning, scheduling, spending, securing, and shopping, shopping and more shipping. It was an adventure getting to the day.
Our original plan was to get married in a cavern. Luray Caverns to be exact. We loved the idea of a small wedding and that would limit the size because of the environment. There is also a stalactite organ that I’ve heard a time or two. It is absolutely beautiful and a really unique feature of the cavern.

Unfortunately, the availability did not line up with our timeframe in getting my wife’s family out to this coast. So we went with plan B. A wedding on the beach. We were married on Sandbridge Beach in Sandbridge, VA. The reception (and our emergency rain location) was the giant house we had rented for the weekend.

I hate to keep calling the day perfect and I’m sure everyone calls their own wedding day perfect too. The temperature and weather could not have been nicer.
The sand beneath my flip-flopped feet in the morning gave way to fleeting squishiness under foot when I returned in formal dress. Comfortably clad in my black suit I was happy and it made the day nicer.

The scent of sea air mingling with aromas of warming pots and platters in the house was overwhelming. I was torn between wanting to dive into the ocean and begin the feast which awaited us after the walk down the aisle.

The biggest thing I remember is what I don’t. My mind was a blank slate most of the day. I had the hardest time remembering the tiniest little things. I don’t know how people who write their own vows remember them. By the hour before, I don’t think I could have recited my full name. I was so nervous and so deliriously happy. I wasn’t worried about anything though. Sure there were a few minor things that went “wrong” in the text the officiate had. Sure some of the morning deliveries were late but were still made in plenty of time. As far as I was concerned the important part of this day was already in place.

I was there. My fiancé was there. We had our rings and were ready to say I Do!

The colors were spectacular that day. The palette of sky showing in the richest shade of blue, the brown-yellow sandy beach turning white under the hot yellow sun, with a blue-gray sea crashing and rolling in the background and clusters of sea gulls and pelicans flapping about rounded out the picturesque scene.

Amazingly, despite the gorgeous day, the beach was very clear behind and around us. We had that stretch of beach completely to ourselves that day plus 150 or so others. And despite wanting a much smaller affair at first and even now I think I would have preferred that. It was nice to have everyone you know and love all in the same place at the same time, ready to share a magical day with you.

Absolutely nothing compared to it. I didn’t know what to expect but it truly was a perfect day and I could not have been happier and I could not be happier.

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