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This was originally written on Feb. 23, 2009 and never posted. I am posting it now.

Let’s step back.
I moved.

I picked up my life of 8 years from Richmond and moved to Alexandria earlier this month. I lived in Richmond from 2000 when I left Berryville for college and have been there for about 4 years after graduating working a combination of design, IT Support, and printing jobs.

On a whim I went for a job interview in Washington, D.C. for a real, full-time, non-contracting job. And much to my surprise, I got it!

I am now living in Alexandria near Old Town and its beautiful architecture and river. I’m taking a subway to work everyday then a brisk walk to The Watergate Complex where I am working as a Desktop Support Tech for The Atlantic Media Company.

I no longer drive daily. I get in the car two or three times per week at most. I get to use the wonderful public transportation system to get me to and from work. I am also excited to use it to explore Washington.

I love the subway. Two weeks in to the job, I still love the subway! There’s much to be said about commuting via car or letting someone else do the driving. I love no longer driving everyday. It’s much more relaxing.

I love my job. I love having benefits, the perks (bagels and juice in the AM, popcorn/crackers and sodas in the afternoon everyday), I love paid time off. I love being part of a team and a full time employee. I love the projects I’ll get to work on. I love building my MacPro fort as I test them.

Most of all, I love the stability. It’s a major weight off my head now that I am fully employed and no longer contracting. I am now fully in control of my future and my career. I no longer get a chunk of my salary taken off the top every payday. I no longer have to worry about the contract changing hands and me being out in the cold.

And it’s been very, very cold.

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