Sounds of Silence Dreamed 5050 days ago | | 221 words

When it’s just me here, in this little apartment that is mine all mine. I find that often times I will just sit at my computer in silence.

Reading or chatting away. Perhaps doing some work or some long and oft-put-off project.

But there is silence. No music playing, no people talking. There is just quiet. I think that is how I prefer it. Maybe.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had music going when I was in. I even had a sign on my door in Rhoads Hall when I was a freshman at VCU that said something to the effect of, “If there is music, there is Carl.”

I work all day in a noisy Printshop. I deal with people yelling over machinery. They are mainly my co-workers as we are hidden from walk-in customers, yet they still try…

When I get home, I just want silence. I want the sound of my air conditioner rushing, my oscilating fan oscilating along swooshingly.

No techno. No rock. No R&B or rap. No industrial. No pop. Nothing playing. Just the thoughts playing out in my head and the machine gunnery of my fingers flying across the keyboard in their “Carl taught himself to touch type but not the peoper way” method.

There’s something peaceful and refreshing about the night. Something clean about the soundlessness.


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