Team Fortress 2 Dreamed 4055 days ago | | 371 words

Night before last, I was delighted to see my friend Scott playing TF2. I was delighted as I’d been wanting to play it but not alone.

So I logged on, messaged him and soon we were shooting and healing our way through a cap the flag battle. At one point we were both Pyros and we were toasting the opposing team to a nice crispy golden brown.

It was short-lived but extraordinarily fun. After Scott left for the night I played a couple more rounds and a wonderful thing happened.

I came across a group of guys who were playing the game… for fun. They weren’t yelling at their teammates when we messed up. They weren’t cursing and screaming that we had misstepped.

They were laughing. And joking.

It was so refreshing to find that in a random game. At one point I was playing a Heavy with another guy and we just laid waste to a room of foes. We were standing back to back and defending out checkpoint to the death. And laughing hysterically as Scouts and Pyros would run towards us over and over and we’d mow them down.

We were eventually overrun, when we ran out of ammo.

After that match, I stayed with the same group and in the next match we were getting overrun so we decided to play a bit and all be Engineers and construct a vast array of turrents, spawn points, and healers.

Up until then, I never really understood how to play as an Engineer. And I didn’t ask for fear of the commonplace mocking of anyone who doesn’t know something in a game. But these guys were chill and we were helping each other out.

So I learned how to build and upgrade my turret, and good places to build them on the map.

And yes, once I placed a turrent backwards, facing a wall. Who knew they only had a 180 degree range?

TF2 was stupidly fun and as always, improved with a proper group of gamers who were out to have a good time, win or lose. We won some. We lost some. Eventually the hose quit the game and we were all flung back out to our corners of the Xbox Live.

But it was fun while it lasted.


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