The Words Dreamed 4411 days ago | | 217 words

I don’t have the energy to type the words I need to say about the situation I find myself in.
Perhaps in two weeks things will be different and I can fully rant about all that ills me.
All that is forced upon me from forces that are not necessary to my being and being here, but are very helpful and beneficial in other ways.

For now, let me just leave you with a few thoughts…

1. When someone calls to confirm something is in fact the case. When the caller finds out the callee either fucked up, or lied to the caller, the caller will storm your base of operations and crucify you unless the callee can unfuck things.

2. When making changes that drastically alter the ability of your employees to perform their jobs on time and correctly, you should take responsibility for that change and not, in fact, drop it in the laps of those employees you’ve already burdened with your decisions.

3. Appreciate those people you have around you, because when they’re gone, you’ll be wishing you had them back.

4. Never, and I mean never undervalue the goodness of close friends to help you through tough spots. You all know who you are and you’re the best in the entire world bar none! I love you all!


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