Thought Train Derailment Dreamed 3812 days ago | | 229 words

Caller: I am trying to login to my work PC from home and I am having problem.

Tech: OK, what seems to be the problem.

Caller: I am getting “remote PC not found, connection timed out.”

Tech: OK, what is the IP address or computer name of the PC you’re trying to access.

Caller: *provides IP*

Tech: OK, let me see if the machine is on the network pings PC I don’t see it responding. Are you sure the PC is on? Is it a laptop or a desktop?

Caller: It’s a laptop. I brought it home with me.

Tech: …*puzzled* So, to be clear, what are we trying to remote into with what? What PC are you on now?

Caller: I am on my personal PC, it’s a desktop and trying to access my work laptop which they just gave me this week which I brought home with me.

Tech: OK…. so you’re trying to remote to the laptop you brought home with you?

Caller: Yes, I brought it home because I haven’t had a chance to set it up.

Tech: OK, this is not going to work because your laptop is not on the network. I need you get on your corporate laptop and access the VPN site and choose Option 1, remote into the network with a corporate PC.

Caller: OK, I’ll try that. click

Tech: *thinks* I wish I understood the thought process where that made sense.


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