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So, I am officially a lame duck tech support specialist. I have a new job. Better than the old job. Persistence pays off. Going to tons of interviews. Sending out a mountain of resumes will pay off.

I landed my new job last week. I officially emailed in my resignation letter this morning. My boss is 80 miles away, kinda hard to walk in to his office. And a written record of it is important too.

So here I am, waiting my two weeks until I’m officially gone. Until I can officially stop driving 45 minutes to work everyday. Until I can stop working for decent money but far below what I’m worth or could be making. Until I can stop putting up with a job that has no future and might be a long term contract, but might not be.

I still have to pass a background screen and drug test. Both of which should be no problem at all. :) So it’s a done deal. I just have to wait for the paperwork so I can fill it all out and sign my life away to a different staffing firm.

I’m not saying where I’m working or what the staffing firm is, so I don’t jinx it. Can’t be too careful.

Also, I am in season since this played out this morning…

Phone rings
I answer.
It’s the interview I had totally forgotten about.
I interview, as I race down the interstate.
It goes well. It’s for a full time job. With a future. With a reputable, stable company.
Last words from him are “let me talk to my manager and we might bring you in for an interview in the office this week.”
I thank him.
We hang up.
I turn on the radio.
Hit play on the iPod.
Hit pause on the iPod.
Turn off the radio.
Answer the ringing phone.
It’s the company again.
Same guy.
He wants to interview me.
In person.
At 10.


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