VA Tech Shooting: Getting it out of my head Dreamed 4512 days ago | | 555 words

I’ve got to get this out of my head so here it is. The brain dump in its entirety.

My heart goes out to those kids, I can get a tiny feeling about what they might be feeling. I was evacuated a couple years ago when the new dorm on Broad Street caught fire and when I was awaken by my roommate I thought it was our building which was on fire, since it was impossible to tell, the flame were so big.

But that’s nothing to the idea of a gun-toting mad man wandering around where I live and spend my days with a gun, picking people off.

That’s terrifying.

I hurt so much for these kids. Things like this hit me really, really deeply. I feel for them. I feel for them so much.

I am filled with rage that killer will not get brought to justice and offer up an explanation for why he did this and what caused him to do it. I think we could learn a lot by finding the motivations and the causes which make people snap. And no, it’s not the fucking violent video games, music, or other shit like that which will surely be paraded out by the media once the dust clears and the blame game starts.

Much will be said in the coming days and weeks and months about guns and gun control. This act of violence will be the catalyst for many things. I hope something good can come from this terror.

I hope this will cause people to wake up and really take a good look at what the motivations are behind what causes people to snap and maybe even do something about it. But I am sure of a few things, and none of them are particularly good.


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