Wallowing Dreamed 4537 days ago | | 129 words

Is it wallowing when you stay up all night tinkering with computers and linux projects? Is it wallowing to sleep when the sun comes up and wake only when it has set once more?

I’m just reverting to what my body naturally wants to do. I am nocturnal. I am a being of the night. Existing when others sleep.

When they slumber, I work. I toil. On silly projects. On back-burner-never-had-the-time-to-get-them-done things that have been sitting on my list of todos forever. Things I never had the time to do when I did have a job.

I’ve been hunting. I’ve looked high, then low, then high again. Something will break. Something will come of this. I don’t know when. I don’t know where. Something will come.

Until then, I’ll keep looking.


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