Warning! Loquacious. Full Stop. Dreamed 4369 days ago | | 370 words

The national loquacity control center, located deeply within White Post Post Secondary School has issues a Loquacious Warning for the next 12-72 hours. This warning comes on the heals of myself visiting Raleigh to see John of Big and Mr. Rick this past weekend, who are better known collectively as Splintered Reality. There was much shindigging and merrymaking and talk of abductions. Who invites you down then has to work, who I ask you?!

A responsible adult with a little boy on the way, that’s who! And Mr. Rick is such a man. A man’s man. A manly man. A man who wears a cowboy hat with a demonic skull adorning it as a drinking hat, plays a mean guitar/keyboard/bass/oboe.

OK, not an Oboe.

I don’t think…

I just got back from this marvelous weekend whereupon I now sit at my desk, having driven 3 hours from Raleigh to Richmond, leaving at 4am and only getting lost once because I can’t read the directions Google told me to follow. I will obey Google in the future.

I have not slept in… 22 hours and it looks to be another 8-10 before I can, so my loquacity will only rise and become more random as the day progresses. So be forewarned before attempting any communication as you may drown in the verbiage.

The reason I was up until 4am in Raleigh with Rick is not only for alliteration in my sentences. But because we share an energy. Something that when I’m around him I’m inspired to write and channel forces beyond my control at times. From these times songs are written, recorded, and mixed within a 24 hour period.

And as is the case, one was.

I cannot share it with you yet because it is not ready. It’s still simmering in the recorder. Once it is properly mixed and produced I will link to it and it will be good, yes, it will be good.

I may even post the lyrics later today. Or I may not.

It’s an awesome track and we share vocal duties atop Rick’s excellent instrumentation. I can’t wait to share it. :)

So be forewarned if you attempt to make verbal or textual contact with me today, a river of words may await you.


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