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Greetings Lost Dogs fans! Sorry guys and gals. I don’t know who made the call because we stood outside the gates for more than enough time for the band to have played. Sorry there’s no review, because there were no dogs.

Last night I saw Weird Al Yankovic at Innsbrook. (It’s called the pavilion, but I refuse to call it such a ridiculous thing, nor capitalize it).


Gates were set to open at 6, with an opening band, then Weird Al. I received an email the night before stating Weird Al would go on at 7:30 and Lost Dogs would be the opening act. Note the “were” in that first sentence.

This was before the apocalypse hit.

It was 90 degrees, sunny and beautiful all day long. Then 5:30pm came along and that’s when everything changed. Torrential downpour. Enough lightening to torch the sky. Amazing pre-concert light show.

Thankfully, the storm had passed by 6pm when I arrived at Innsbrook. Once I inched my way closer to the venue on the ant-go-marching-one-by-one road that led to the venue. I parked and I got in line.

And wow, was it ever a line. I’ve never seen a line so long. It snaked across the parking lot, doubled back over on itself 3 or 4 times and just kept on going. To pass the time I texted Saru pretty constantly. I’m sure I was getting on his nerves at one point.

To cut this intro short, because of the storm gates did not open until 7:15 which resulted in standing in line over an hour without any real idea why. Until about 7pm when security came around to tell us when the gates were really going to open and to check bags.

Once we got in, Saru, Mog and I procured quality gravel standing spot right behind the “golden circle” where the people who wanted chairs provided and to pay double for tickets got to sit.

Because of the delay, (we presume) there were no Lost Dogs.

I am horrible about remembering which song was played when and all of what was played. But he mixed it up really well with medleys, originals, and of course, parodies.


Here’s the set list which I recall in no particular order.

In addition to 3 or 4 medleys I’m sure I’ve missed a couple but that gives you a rough idea of what we saw.


Between the songs (and numerous costume changes) there were spliced together video clips from AL TV on the big screen on stage and on the inflatable screen to the left of the stage.

There were some slight technical difficulties at the beginning of the show with the video now working correctly. When they announced the technical difficulties we thought they just meant the costume changes, not knowing we were going to be treated to video in between songs.

I’ve not laughed so much at a show in a long time, and this includes when I’ve gone to see comics.

Weird Al puts on an awesome live show and it was so much fun to see him live. If you ever get the chance, DO IT!


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