Who am I? Dreamed 4025 days ago | | 423 words

Who am I? This is a constantly changing, and constantly evolving answer to a deceptively simple question.

I am an artist. A poet at heart with a love of the written word. I am eloquent and verbose at times with my scrawling script and blazing fingers. Other times I am cryptically succinct and metaphorical.

I rock a hard simile.

I am a gamer. I have been playing tons of Call of Duty. I spent 4 hours straight playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my friend Big John and loving every second of it. I’ve had serious longings for Serious Sam on the PC and I eagerly await the appearance of Saints Row 2 in October with it’s full co-op mission mode.

I did play Saints Row ad infinitum with a gang of guys online.

I am a thinker. My brain runs a million miles a minute always thinking about new web sites to build, ideas to improve processes and methods. Ideas to make changes in life at home and work that might potentially work out great. But could equally possibly end in failure.

Hindsight is 50/50.

I am a designer. I think about design of things and how it could be better. I think about colors and symmetries and the way things fit together. I think about how something could be easily misunderstood or misused.

I breathe design.

I am a tech geek. I love technology. I love rebuilding machines for fun. I love dismantling electronics to see how they work and I love to delve into a project to fix something.
I’ve repaired my iPod Video’s head phone jack. I’ve rebuild countless laptops and desktops. Gone on late night hunts for drivers and software for long-decommissioned hardware products.

I am a lover. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world who I am madly in love with. I have never been so much in love and so similar with another person in all my years on this planet. I really feel she is my soulmate and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We’ve been together nearly a year without a single fight or argument that wasn’t teasing and silly. We’be shared adventures and road trips. We’ve shared delicious culinary creations. We’ve shared a million laughs and a thousand smiles.

I love you Annie.

I am a photographer. Ever since I replaced my aging (and Carribean water logged) Mintola Dimage Z10 with the Canon SD1000 I’ve been shooting like a fiend. It goes with me everywhere and lives in my pocket. I love having a camera accessible at all times.


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