Who Wants to Be an Owner of a shapeless plaster blob? Dreamed 4351 days ago | | 172 words

Angel: so there’s a radio show here at lunchtime where they broadcast audio books, and I end up hearing bits and pieces on my way to pick up lunch right? and today the story goes, there was a man paying another man to make a plaster impression of a footprint left in the snow. for 50 points, what’s wrong with this picture?

peroty: That hot plaster won’t melt that snow at all. And when it cools and hardens you’ll have a perfectly preserved BLOB OF PLASTER!

Angel: lol you got it. “WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW” they say…wise advice.

peroty: hehehe

peroty: I’d love to see that play out on screen..

peroty: With wise, learned men attempting to track a wild bear, through the forest, using plaster to make casts of its footprints.

peroty: We could sell it to Discovery.

Angel: “Man Vs Ignorance”

peroty: It’ll be an instant hit!

peroty: “So, You Think You Are Smart!”

peroty: That’s the FOX spin-off after season 3.

Angel: “Who Wants to Be an Owner of a shapeless plaster blob?!”


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