You Are Not That Important. Dreamed 5351 days ago | | 641 words

Repeat after me kids, I Am Not A Unique And Special Snow Flake.

I am not a special person. There is nothing in the world that makes me more important or special than anyone else?

Got it? Good!

Now put down the cell phone and step away from your little bubble of rudeness back into the real world. I do not care what you are doing tomorrow night with your friends. Nor do I care about the business meeting where you are going to examine the new specs. And I really, really don’t care that you are 2 minutes away from your dorm and that you will be there shortly. Whatever happened to people talking to other people face to face? Or just gasp waiting to get somewhere to make a call?

You are not that important.

You do not need to be wheeling around Richmond in and out of my lane on your cell phone. Obviously paying far more attention to that, than the other motorists on the streets trying to avoid your car.

You do not need to let your cell phone ring LOUDLY 12 times in the course of a half hour in a family restaurant, then become combative and angry when asked nicely a half dozen times to silence your phone.

If you ever take your cell phone into the movie theater unsilence, then god help you, because I will show you no mercy. Unless you are expecting a death in the family, there is no reason to have your phone on and noisy in a movie. NONE!

That is what the “silence” setting is for. There is a “vibrate” feature on most phones. The way this works is, when you receive a call, the phone will vibrate to alert you of the incoming telecommunication whereupon you can decide whether to answer the call or not.

Cell phones come equipped with voice mail for a reason. It is ok to let a call go. It is ok to ignore your phone. It’s not your lifeblood. The phone will not explode and kill you if you do not answer it once or twice. OK?

I routinely ignore my cell phone if I am busy or driving, or just don’t feel like talking at that moment.

There is nothing wrong with this practice. The world does not need to be able to contact me at every second of every day. I resisted getting a cell phone for a long, long time because they annoy me to no end.

Now that I have one, I hate it. Everyone thinks that since I have a cell phone, they should be able to reach me anywhere at anytime, day or night. Well that is not true, the cell phone just gives me greater power (portable caller ID) of whether to ignore you or not.

There should be a list of rules given to each cell phone user, and if those rules are not followed, the phone is deactivated. These will be simple rules to aid in maintaining a peaceful environment. Simple points of etiquette designed to lower my stress level and the stress levels of everyone around you…

I want to start a project, I want to follow people around who are on cell phone, being loud and inconsiderate, and see how much personal information I can come up with on them. How much will they give away to whoever might be listening in?

Now that I am a full-fledged Corporate Whore, I have a lot of possible subjects for my experiment. I might just try it out and see what I find… or I might just go back to using head phones and music to block out the inconsiderate jerks like I did in college.

On an unrelated note: Head phones are also an excellent way to deter bums from hitting you up for money, which, as a college student, you are obvioucly rolling in…

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