You can fix PCs. You can't fix users. Dreamed 4149 days ago | | 244 words

Today is one of those days. The day when you walk into work and it’s a never ending stream of user calls, IM and emails. The torrent problems are not with the PCs. They lay with the user.

  1. If you don’t know you’re login, guessing will not get you there
  2. If you can’t do your job, I can’t tell you how to do it. I don’t even have access to a mainframe account.
  3. If you ask me to setup your email, you need to know your own password, I don’t have it.
  4. If you want me to configure software for you with your phone number and call queue, you need to know these. You use them everyday. I do not.
  5. Hitting the power button is not the same as switching the signals on your shiny new LCD monitor
  6. If you delete files off your PC’s hard drive and empty the recycle bin they are gone. I can’t “just restore them from backups.” There is a reason we ask you to keep mission critical documents on the shared drives.
  7. Explaining to me the same problem 4 times in a row will not make me fix it any faster.
  8. Looking at me like I just spat on your shoes when I say, “Where is the documentation?” will not help me install software any faster.

It’s been a rough week, filled with rough days. And it’s not over yet. Did I mention we’re supposed to migrate a server. On Friday. After hours.

God help me!


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