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750 Words is a site that encourages you to write. The site is best described as a way to get you to write and keep writing. It’s not a blogging tool. In fact, what you write is not even public in anyway. It’s a totally private writing experience. And it’s simple. The entire premise is, login, write 750 words, which is about 3 pages) and you’re done. That’s it!

No formatting. No images. No distractions. The idea is not to get you to write something to want to share with the world. The idea is to get you writing. To churn out words from inside your head and get them onto the virtual paper. 
I started writing earlier this month and have used it as kind of a personal diary of the day’s events. It’s a thought dump for whatever is on my mind. It’s not shared, though parts I have cut and pasted into other posts because I liked them. But that’s not the intention of this space. The intention is a simple, barrier-free entry to writing. I don’t have to save a series of files on my desktop. I don’t dump these thoughts into a blogging engine. These are just simple entries throughout the month I can go back to or search if I choose. Or just I can forget about them.

One of the other unique things I enjoy very much about the site is the small incentives it uses to keep you going. There are little badges when you get a streak going. There’s also a points system for aid in a friendly competition. There’s a signup for each month’s challenge which is to write your 750 words everyday. You can enter a reward and punishment if you fail to complete your challenge. Think of it as a carrot on the end of a stick.

Each day begins and ends at midnight and once the day ends, your writing is locked. You cannot go back and edit it. You’ve moved on to the next day and a new set of words. And with each completed day, you are provided a breakdown of your writing.

If you’ve got questions, the FAQ should get you started.


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