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My name is Carl.

I write on and off here at the Arctic Palace. More on than off as of late.

Every now and again, the stars align and I release tunes with my band.

I used to update a Daily (guinea) Pig site for over a year for a friend of mine, which used to host a webcam from my apartment of My. Jamespig. He has since passed away but the site remains up to his memory.

And I host a Tribute site to an amazing musician who is no longer with us which houses his entire (or pretty close to it) archive of his music.

I’m a photographer, gamer, designer, tinkerer, thinker, poet and geek living all over Virginia.

I grew up in Berryville, now live in Richmond, and often visit my family in Virginia Beach.

I’ve worked all over the print industry from design and planning to production. I fell in love with web design and got out of print design about the time InDesign was coming on the scene, which I curse, having fought PageBreaker for far too many late nights.

I’m a teddy tank. 6 feet tall and cuddly. I love discussion online but am very shy in real life, until I get to know someone. I’m loyal and selfless to a fault and will do almost anything for a friend.

I volunteered for about a year and a half at a teen help site that no longer seems to be around. (TeenAdviceOnline.org, anyone know where it went?) I met some of the sweetest, most fantastic people I’ve ever had the joy of meeting while working there.

Online, I pretty much “own” the name peroty. So if there find a peroty somewhere, it’s probably me. The origin goes back to about ’97 and my dislike of usernames with letters and wanting an unified name to use online. I was heavily into writing poetry at the time and the letters are simply an anagram of that.

So that’s the long, rambling introduction of myself. tips hat

Nice to meet everyone!

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