Army of Two: First Impressions Dreamed 4186 days ago | | 558 words

After much waiting and delay, I picked up Army of Two last night from my local Game Stop. This in itself was a shock to me since they’re notorious for only ordering enough new games for pre-orders and no more so it’s impossible to find a copy. I did call before I left work to confirm one did exist and I could purchase it.

So I did. I swiped my card and got my pretty green box to go home with. I sat down and got through the first mission and what I think is most of the second mission in a couple of hours.

Overall, I had an absolute blast, it was what I wanted it to be and I’ve never played Gears of War so any similarities to it would be lost on me.

Once I get a chance to play co-op the way it’s meant to be I’ll update this post with more impressions. I am really loving this game. It’s been a ton of fun and I can’t wait to experience it side-by-side or over Xbox Live. This is my game of the year. It’s what I’ve waited for patiently ever since I first learned of it.


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