Best Buypod! or “Take the online music experience to a store near you” Dreamed 5184 days ago | | 454 words

I am speaking in terms of the iPod since this is what I have and thus have the most experience with. I am not trying to say that you could not do this with other MP3 players, quite the contrary, go for it! I’d love to see this being used across all music players. If someone who can speak more elegantly about other players, point a link my way and I’ll happily link you).

I have an iPod. Say what you will about it. I have one. It’s blue, cute, and mini.
I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for quite some time now about the death of CDs as a viable format.

With more and more people owning digital music players, downloading music and burning their own CDs, and creating MP3 CDs with hours of music, why not offer such a service in-store.

I walk into a CD store and I think, why am I going to buy an album? I don’t really own a CD player. My car has one now, but only because that’s what it came with and there’s not an option on a 2001 Ford Taurus to have an iPod integrated into the sound system. I want to walk into a store, select an album, or two or five, and download the tracks to my iPod.

That’s it. I just want the music. I don’t really want a CD. They can break, take up a large sum of room when you own a couple hundred, and I end up ripping all the music off them for listening and storage/backup anyway.

I just want to walk in, jack in, buy music, and be gone. And I will be a happy consumer. I am not asking for break up albums, to sell songs a la carte, I can get that online. I want an entire album. No different from what’s found on a CD, just transfer me the music. That’s what I’ve come to buy.

The art is nice to have sometimes, I’ll read through it if it contains lyrics, or an essay or something to hold my interest, but how many times can you look at the same pictures over and over again before they lose their interest to you? With the iTunes music store, you can have the album cover embedded in the song you buy. Why not do that with the entire booklet? Or save it as a separate file. Want to add video? No problem, download that too. Even the 4GB mini I have has plenty of room left for such niceties. The iPod has storage to hold other files besides MP3s, just add them into the download package. Give me music and art all in one tidy package.

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