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Blogger’s Note: This was written some months ago, I have reposted it here for posterity and that I am changing’s front page where this was originally posted.

Piracy. YARR! I’m all for piracy. I always have been, most likely always will be, at least until I’m a professional something and can actually afford things.

Today kids, I find music piracy on my mind….

Everyone is griping about how the artists are getting screwed if you don’t buy their CDs.
Not really, artists make so little per CD it’s ridiculous!
So here is my plan…

Get a group of friends together, one of you buy the CD, then everyone else send part of the retail price, like $1.00 per song we’ll say to the artist, directly. Just mail them a check, or paypal them some cash.

You know, give the money directly to the people who are making what you’re enjoying. Forget the RIAA. Forget the record labels. I don’t see them singing anything.

Also, find out who designed the cover art and booklets. These people need some love too. :-D

So in short, stop giving all your money to the record labels, if you give your money directly to the ARTISTS, we would all be much happier and the artists would not be raped by record labels either.

See? Everyone wins!

P.S. This would sound much better if it was elegantly written, but I’m just sitting here, bored at my job and have been thinking about this for months now, so I thought I would put it out there…

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