Boogie Bunnies Dreamed 4043 days ago | | 268 words

While I am not the biggest gamer you’ll meet I do love my games. I love getting lost in another world. I love playing online with friends and battling or puzzling our way through missions and quests.

I am blessed to have an amazing girlfriend who also enjoys gaming. Everything from Peggle (where she is the rock star!) to Halo (which she played extensively with her sister). We are going to conquer some Katamari Damacy and Mario Kart this weekend when she gets here for the long weekend. There’s nothing like being able to game with someone and kiss them at the same time.

She is a hardcore puzzler and over the past few nights we’ve been playing Boogie Bunnies on the Xbox Live Arcade. We’ll start a voice chat session then play an hour or two of Boogie Bunnies before bed.

It’s the perfect mix of being able to talk but not having to hold a phone to our ears. It’s better than chatting because we have better conversations and our attention is on the conversation, instead of the 3453453 things to distract us on the internet or TV.

Boogie Bunnies is fun and light so it doesn’t require a ton of attention and concentration. It’s been the perfect game to unwind to before bed and get to spend time with my lovely girl who lives in Northern VA and I’m in Richmond.

I am so happy we found something we could play and chat and enjoy to unwind with in the evenings when we miss each other the most.

Thank you Boogie Bunnies for your colorful, dancing fun!


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