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I was in Radio Shack at Merchant’s Walk, the one going out of business in nine days. Consequently the store was mostly empty and even the furniture (shelves, tables, racks) had SOLD or FOR SALE signs on it.
I went in to pick up some cheap odds and ends (ethernet cable, USB cable, car charger for Nintendo DS, etc). All in all I paid about $12 for 30 in merchandise.

And I, was pleased.

However, there was a girl in front of me in line who was buying an $80 battery-backedup, surge-protected power brick for $24.

She threw a mini-hissy-fit when she was told it was acutally $24 and had been put in the wrong place most likely by another shopper. She then proceeded to whine and complain about how she should be given the extra amount off ($8 more dollars, on top of the $56 it was already discounted).

The weary girl behind the counter told her she could put it back but Ms. Yuppy snapped that “I need this!” and could not do so.

So she paid, finally.

And on her way out she walked over to a man, who I presume was her father and snapped, “they’re not selling things for what they are marked” and kept going. So he walks by and says, “is this true?” on his way over to investigate the egregious wrong done his daughter.

Sadly, I had to get back to work since I was on my lunch break. So I could not stay to see how this played out, as much as I wanted to.

Some people are just never satisfied!

I wonder what happens to the employees after the store closes, do they move on to other Radio Shacks? Or do they just get the shaft? The poor kids working the place sure didn’t look too thrilled, probably from having to deal with the Yuppy Pricks.

At least the store was filled with geeks when I left snapping up cables, cords, wires and other suck niceties at bargain prices and were overjoyed with it.


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