Clarke County High School Among Best in Nation...Again Dreamed 4320 days ago | | 347 words

Newsweek’s 2007 listings just came out for best high schools in the U.S. and as I knew it would be, my tiny high school has once again made the list. Dropping from 19th last year, it sits at 30. The second best high school in all of Virginia, behind number 12 H-B Woodlawn in Arlington.

Every year when this list comes out I look for CCHS because I know it will be there. And every year, it sits as a shining example of the awesome teaching staff there. Many of those teachers I credit fully with my making it through math (Mrs. Ball), getting into VCU and finding my passion in life (Mrs. Jenny and Mr. Hansbarger).

I take a lot of pride in where I came from and where I’ve gone since leaving. And it’s good to know the system is getting better and better all the time. There’s much to be said for large, rich school systems with plenty of money for books and fancy things.
However, it truly is the teaching staff that really makes a school what it is. We never had a lot of money. We had awesome people to help us learn and grow.

I still recount the days spent in the Agriculture/Computer building. Built behind the overcrowded school sat the building. Half of it dedicated to Wood Technology and Future Farmers of America craft. The other half sat Windows NT PCs loosely networked together (courtesy of the newly-formed at the time networking class).

This is where the Literary Magazine operated. This is where my heart and soul was. This, is where I spent my days. My nights. My long after school and weekend hours.

This is where we made brilliant, beautiful things. I may not be there anymore and I’ve not been back to Berryville for some time. But it’s still where I come from. My roots are there. My memories are there. My friendships started there.

And with that, all I have left is Congratulations Clarke County! Keep up the great work! I know you all will.


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