Cleaning: Apartment and Mind Dreamed 4489 days ago | | 447 words

I’m cleaning my apartment like its the End Time™ and those with the most outdated technology will be the first to go.

Seriously, I could start my own PC Parts store with all that I’ve found..

Including a box with 3 sets of unpowered PC speakers.
One drawer full of ancient hard drives (think 1 GB or less)
Brand new stick of 512 MB SDRAM.
USB Ethernet adapter.
3 old PC carcasses.
1 spindle of unused CD-Rs.
Countless burned, yet unlabeled CDs now living in the trash box.
Concert tickets dating back to 1998 (First show I ever saw: Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth, and FAT)
Box full of PS/2 and (the plug that predated PS/2) keyboards.
1 mouse with an honest to god THIRD button.
1 17” monitor that I cannot place the origin of.
2 books of poetry I was published in.
A stack of literary magazines from high school. (all of which I wrote for / designed / managed the production of)
Nine Inch Nails Vinyl of Hand that Feeds and Home. (I have no record player.)
Boxes and boxes of paperclips, pens, staples, post-it notes and other assundry office supplies from when my dad bought a tractor trailer load of supplies from a dot com bankruptcy office back around 2000.
About a dozen old notebooks of my writing. (Which I flipped through and found the origins of Splintered Reality tracks, some things I thought I had lost forever, and other tid bits of my life I’m glad to have located). In other news, I’m a strange, strange boy.
Got all my books on shelves (CDs are another matter). What you could deduce from my book collection: I have a Davy Barry addiction, enjoy humor, mixed with Scifi, usually dystopian, and am an avid web dork.

...Just found the box which contains all my artwork, from when I tried to become an graphic design major and took a year of art classes. I had forgotten I had actually gotten quasi-decent at drawing until I gave it all up. It also the same box that holds every piece of writing, sketching, drawing, experimentation with black light and different pens and colors that I did when I had insomnia all through middle and high school. I should put that box in a safe somewhere, and keep it safe. It’s got things that were never meant for anyone to ever see, read, or look at. Its a braindump of all the pain I’ve felt in my life, when I felt it, as I lived it…

That brought up a lot of old memories. Some good ones, a lot of bad ones. Ah, the ignorance of youth. LOL


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