Everyday’s the same day, just like the last day… Dreamed 5449 days ago | | 144 words

Every single day in my life is the same. I work and sleep, work and sleep. Eating is optional. I do it when and if I have the time.

I don’t really have time for myself anymore. I don’t have the quiet time I so urgently require and yearn for when I am not working or sleeping.

I don’t really have time for my love in life, design…

I don’t have the time for anything anymore it seems. My days are spent in “the dungeon” of the DEQ downtown and my nights are spent with friends at the Palace.

I don’t have time for me anymore. I am in a battle with myself, for myself. I’m not unhappy, but I am not content either. I feel like I am standing on the edge of something great only to be pulled back down into the mediocre.

I feel unfulfilled…

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