Fighting the Man! Dreamed 4252 days ago | | 229 words

I was surprised this afternoon when my brother linked me to an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer which I figured was a tech story as we’re always sharing links or neat software finds.

Instead, it’s an awesome story about how my grandmother Marie Holscher has donated the family farm up in Ohio to the state to keep it away from developers.

My dad is very much a history buff that loves old homes (our house in Berryville dates back about 150 years). It’s easy to see where that comes from with the family home in Ohio being listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Aaron Fagin House.

Now those 42 acres in Amelia will remain safe from development and will remain the beautiful farm that it is. The big lake where I used to fish when I was younger the acres and acres of fields and woodlands we hiked through many times will remain just that.

The towering fir trees and the gorgeous countryside will not turn into cookie cutter townhomes or ugly developments to cram more people into on top of each other.

Dad had talked about trying to get the house added to the national registry and getting the farm somehow safe from developing hands but I was unaware it had happened.

It brings a huge smile to my face to know the farm will be safe.


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