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I am sure this applies to other states as well. However, since I live in Virginia that’s where I’m coming from.

We are currently in a two-way-knockdown-drag-out-battle-royal for the head Guber. (Governor for those of you lacking senses of humor).

At the moment, they are so busy telling us why the other guy should not be trusted they are unable to tell us what they stand for! I have no idea what their platforms are, on anything.

Violence, abortion, crime, war in Iraq, economy, education, family, the future of Virginia, what they plan to do while in office, their focuses, their dreams, hopes, aspirations.

What are they passionate about?
What will they focus on first? Most? While in office…

There is such a smear campaign going on, I am going to vote for Russ Potts, the third party candidate, since he is only running ads that are positive and tell us, as Virginians, what he fucking stands for!

Gee, what an amazingly rash idea! Actually running on some sort of platform, with some sort of plans for the future!

I am so tired of the negative ads. It’s apparently so much easier to point out how the other guy sucks as opposed to making people want to vote for you.

If someone actually ran a clean campaign, promoting their ideas and what they want to do for the state, I think they’d win because people would vote for them in protest against all the negative ads.

So, when do you think that will happen?


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