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This weekend I went to see Transformers. In a word, it was awesome. I was very pleased. I got my fill of Big Freaking Robots.

Disclaimer: Potentially minor spoilers, NOTHING plot-related however, just information on car make and models and an Optimus character design choice.

But this is not about Transformers. It’s not even about robots.

This is about how we watch movies. This is about all the reviews I’ve seen mentioning how this movie is different from the 80s. I’ve got news for you, the year is 2007. It is not 1980-anything. It’s not even the 1900s anymore. We’re well into the Age of Zeros now.

Yes, the movies will be different. Yes, Bumblebee is not a VW Beetle. Yes, Optimus Prime has a mouth.

Did either of these ruin the movie? NO!
Get over yourselves. I remember playing with Scorpinox, the giant transforming base robot that stood nearly 3 feet tell when I was a kid. Between my friend Kirk and I (this is back in D.C., in the pre-Berryville days) we owned about 30-40 Transformers and would hold wars on massive scales in our respective bed rooms.

It was awesome and we had so many hours of fun with them. This was the age before Nintendo and mainstream video games in my life. This was a time where physical toys reigned supreme. Don’t even get me started on the hours and hours I spent building things with Legos.

These are happy memories. These are precisely the memories Hasbro and Co are banking on driving us to the theaters in droves to see our childhood heroes do battle in glorious 2007 technological effects.

These are not the same robots. These toys we grew up with are not the same as they are now some twenty years later. They have changed, as we have. We are no longer children playing with Legos and our robotic friends.

We are adults and teens going through the world, watching as our childhood heroes of yesteryear become the latest marketing plan by Big Mega Studio Corp to get more of our hard earned money.

The Transformers are toys, made by companies who want to make money. That is their goal.

Don’t turn your back on Optimus because he has a mouth and Bumblebee because he is now a (smoking hot!) Camaro! Go to this movie with your 2007 grown up eyes. Go see this amazing film with your new outlook on an old favorite.

Go see this movie for what it is, a movie. Not a holy doctrine from the past!

Now, Transform And Roll Out!

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