Hurry up and wait Dreamed 4302 days ago | | 187 words

My boss storms my office with another tech-ish person. They tell me we need a printer STAT for a guard station because theirs died. I get them a printer. We test it to assure it works. I ask where it needs to go so I can install it. Because they ran in here arms flailing yelling this needs to be done IMMEDIATELY!

And I’m instead met with oh… ok. We have one. I’ll get with you after lunch to do it.
WHY do you RUN in here arms flailing if you’re going to wait an hour (currently 1 hour 15 minutes) to do anything about it? I don’t understand.

Tell me WHERE this printer needs to go and I can install it!
Don’t run in here. Derail my train of thought and steal my attention from what I’m working on to yell about this printer… then leave it here for an hour and have lunch.

And now I just got another email asking if I can take care of this issue from the other tech, who the ticket apparently got the ticket.

It’ll get done… eventually.


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