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Hitman Blood Money
I’ve recently been playing Hitman Blood Money for the Xbox 360. After overcoming the mental blocks stemming from the first time I put the disc in, it “red ring of deathed” my Xbox.

I have come to a couple important conclusions. Note, these have nothing to do with the actual game play.

I suck at sneaking up on people. It’s not my style.

I spent most of my time wandering around a mansion last night trying to find my second target. I did finally stumble across him playing a violin. Then I ended his life with my piano wire, stole his plane, and made my getaway.

I was taking out people out of windows, down walkways, and I even walked up right behind a guard and sniped him. I am a horrible shot for the most part, but when I get that sniper rifle out of its case, I’m deadly.

I’m really good about getting my sniper briefcase, walking around, killing foes. Then I finally find a place where I can snipe from… only to find I’ve lost my rifle suitcase. Somewhere. So I then go on a hunt for where I may have left it. (And get lost.)

Let me make this clear, this has nothing to do with the game play itself. It has everything to do with my ineptitude at being a sneaky hitman.

My lack of skill aside, the game is fantastically fun!

I’ve picked up hammers, crowbars, syringes, and a plethora of other fun things to kill people. It’s nice to have more than just a repertoire of guns and mines.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m actually able to shoot people with some degree of accuracy.

A controllable camera is essential. When I’m sneaking around, I like to be able to peek around corners and see where people are, then decide how to kill them. (I’m a big fan of the fibrewire and throwing people off balconies).

I’m creeping down a hallway, I’m about to pick a lock, and take out a half dozen members of the drug cartel. I can save the game before I do that, so if it goes horribly wrong, I don’t have to play through the prior 15 minutes leading up to that point.

I like the openness of the levels. I like how I can choose to attack a scenario from different ways. For instance, I crouched on a roof and took out about a dozen of the drug cartel before they found me.

I’m not very far into the game. I’ve made it through the first two missions on Rookie and still stumbled through those missions, taking tons of damage since I never seem to be able to get to an exit undetected.

This is normally not my cup of tea but I’m really enjoying it. I think I have fantasies of being a sniper or a sneaky hitman. However, I am a barbarian. Not really a good mix. Give me an axe or two and I’m a happy camper.

Has anyone ever made a good sniper game? I’d buy that in a heart beat.

Overall I’m really enjoying Hitman Blood Money. I can’t wait to play through more of the missions and hopefully get a better feel for finding my way around. It’s almost like a sandbox game, with more sneaking.


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