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I work IT support for a call center. This means I run around all day diagnosing minor issues with mainframe and web-based applications alike. Sometimes there’s a real problem but it’s mostly CMSC 101 type stuff.

This was the one computer science class everyone had to take in college where Day 1 was “This is a monitor. This is a mouse.”

You see the level of expertise needed.

Now that you know the where, let’s get to the what.

Progress. Getting things done. Working in teams.

Now, I work on a three person team on-site here. There are two desktop tech and an IT manager. Well, if you’ve followed along here on on Twitter, you know how inept my co-worker is at his job.

But there’s something he does that just irks me to my very core!

Timely responses to requests.

Now, we have a policy in the office to CC each other of any open or ongoing issues so in case one of us is out progress doesn’t grind to a halt.

Now, this also means when someone send you a request such as “hey, I can’t look this person up by their employee number, who is it?” You should take the two seconds to pop that number into Outlook and reply to them with the person’s name.

You shouldn’t go to lunch, get back, get busy, and forget all about the email until the next day. This leaves the person on the other end waiting to troubleshoot the issue needlessly.

When you can push a problem a little closer to being resolved, you should do that! That is our job after all. Tech support = customer service. Not just for the customers on site here, but also for everyone you work with in the organization. And where I work is part of a huge multi-national corporation. Because of this, and my work in IT, I will converse with people from three or four different countries in a given work day.

If everyone just took the extra couple seconds to push things along towards a resolution we’d spend a lot less time hurrying up to wait.


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