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2 months 18 days...

I met the girl of my dreams. Over three months ago, August 2nd to be exact. She came unexpectedly into my life through the vast wilderness of the internet. We talked all night.

By morning I knew this was the girl of my dreams. If I had a list, she would have hit every check mark on it and even some I never thought to add. I did not know it was possible to miss someone you had never met. But it is. And I did.

I met her shortly thereafter for an amazing night of talking and cuddling and stolen kisses. Culminating in the best night of rest I had gotten in years, when she pulled me into my room after we fell asleep in the Big Comfy Chair ™.

This was the girl of my dreams. I missed her before I knew her. But even then, I felt like I had known her my whole life. I still do. A few days later I was talking to her friend (who had her laptop for some reason) and asked if we were dating, and if not, why not.

So Annie got asked out. Awkwardly. Over text message. Quite the romantic aren’t I? (Don’t answer that.)

It has been a little over three months as I write this and we spend the weekend of our 3 month anniversary in Blacksburg. Friday night we hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. Talking and being close.

Saturday was VA Tech football. Let me tell you, you don’t know dedication until you see VA Tech football. Even through the freezing cold, the cheering was continuous, as were the chants echoing through the stadium. A win over Florida State wasn’t bad either.

An afternoon freezing and cheering ended with hot chocolate and warming up before dinner. A nice meal at Kabuki, a Japanese steakhouse. We got all dressed up and had a great dinner. It was fun to dress up and go out to a nice meal.

Sunday meant church and coming to the determination that Mormons are 99% less insane than Baptists and really have their heads on straight about a lot of things. Something I never thought I’d be saying as Christianity has left a bad taste in my mouth.

It was a very nice morning, and I got to meet a lot of people and was met with many, “So, is this Carl?” inquiries. Too much attention for a shy boy like me, but it was nice to put names with faces. Everyone was super nice and the lesson for the day had to do with the immortality of family and being sealed together for all time.

I swear Annie set that up. ;)

It was a fantastic weekend, in a series of fantastic weekends. Every time we’re together my love for her grows more and more. I feel as if I have truly found my soul mate. Someone I can give my heart to who will cherish it and keep it safe from harm.

I am excited to see where this amazing voyage goes. And excited that Annie will be there with me.


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