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So, I am intrigued. It seems as if most of our friends have felt that Megan and I living together would result in strife, suck and lose. Which is not to say we weren’t going into this with the idea of hmmmmmm well, it could work but we weren’t holding our breath. Seeing as how the idea came about randomly as a result of not finding suitable cheap and not crappy apartments. It may have even been Rebecca’s idea (though don’t quote me on that).

However, so far it’s been nothing but the opposite. We get along smashingly well. Co-existing in a lolcat-speak-based, Netflix-driven, Xbox-addicted, Mountain-Dew-Guzzling symbiosis.

So tell me, dear friends, why did you think this was going to end in lose, fail, and suck. We won’t hold it against you. It was an experiment from the start. We’re just curious as we’ve noticed the trend of people say, “Wow, I/we thought this was going to go horribly.”

So work with me here, why? :)

(P.S. we’ll still love all of you just as much as we do not afterwards so don’t be shy.)

If you’d rather tell us privately, you know the appropriate email addresses. We just want to know. It boggles our insomniatic minds.

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