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Welcome to the Neighborhood. A show that was meant to allow three white-as-white-could-be “All American” families decide who to give a house to. The victims of the show were to include a white gay couple with a black baby, a family practicing Wicca, a Korean Family… You get the idea.

ABC in a shocking move (shocking because it shows some common sense and, could it be? A conscience or sense of NOT putting people on display for the world to pick apart?) has decided to cancel the show, already filmed, ready to air.

Well, decided is too strong a word. Was prodded into it. Force to? Apparently the National Fair Housing Alliance was not too pleased when they caught wind of it.

When will the madness stop? Why do we need a thousand shows that show us how nasty we can be to each other? Just walk into any workplace or school and you’ll find plenty of examples of that.

(Note: If anyone turns this into a reality show, I own the full rights to it and it will never see the light of day. The End).

Being home for two months has reminded me how stupid network television has become. Granted, there are a few shows that offer glimmers of hope… but the reality shows are hopeless…

Although I have been sucked into the drama that is LOST…


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