My co-worker is dumber than your co-worker (yes, I'm selling it to FOX) Dreamed 4203 days ago | | 586 words

Please give me strength not to quit my job today.
Please let me make it through today without screaming at my co-worker.

OK, I work tech support for a large multinational corporation. They have a call center in Glen Allen, VA. I am one of two desktop support techs on site that serve about 130 users.

I am the only tech with half a brain. This is a typical conversation.

Me: We had a problem with the payroll system last night, I was here 3 hours late, did you check it this morning?
Idiot: Yeah, it looks good.
Me: Well… then why aren’t there any punches for this morning?
Idiot: Oh, I guess it’s not OK.

For weeks now, I have been explaining to my co-worker how to do his job. I have answered the following questions…

“Where is the Windows folder?” (C:\Windows)
“What is a command prompt?” (Start —> Run —> CMD or Start —> Programs —> Accessories —> Command Prompt)
He could not open a .tif file because there was nothing on the PC set to open it, so I showed him how, when you double clicked it, it would ask you what you wanted to open it with. Then to hit the “use this every time” button or whatever it says.

And my personal favorite which I just had to explain to him… So much so that I feel it can only be served with a re-enactment of the conversation.

Me: You just overwrite the ini file in the program’s folder.
Idiot: I’m going to need some help with that.
Me: Drag the .ini file into the C:\Program Files\ProgramName folder and it will ask you if you want to overwrite the file.
Him: Do I drag it, or copy/paste?
Me: Either, they do the same thing.
Him: OK, well I’ll do it how I usually do (File—>Edit—>Copy. File—>Edit—>Paste)
Me: OK
Him: Do you want to overwrite the files, Yes?
Me: Yes

I am going to lose it with him and just start screaming at him one of these days. Now, I fully understand I am a huge geek and rebuild PCs for fun and know Windows pretty well inside and out. I fully understand not everyone I work with will have this same level of knowledge. He does have the same job title and description as I do. He has been here since last April. You would think he would have a tiny grasp on how Windows works. You would think, but you’d be wrong. Absolutely wrong.

And this is not an isolated tale, this is a near everyday occurrence.

Her is another prime example:

This is a conversation between my boss and my co-worker and fellow Desktop Support Tech. He is attempting to upgrade from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003.
IDiot: It can’t find my personal folders.
Boss: Well you need to link them back in to Outlook.
Idiot: Blank stare
Boss: Where did you save them?
Idiot: Blank stare…. F? (Our personal network drive space)
Boss: OK, go there.
Idiot: browses See? There’s nothing there.
All: *We are staring at a folder, on the network drive called “personal.pst”
A folder. Not a file, a folder. And the folder is empty.
Idiot: They were right here.
Boss: No, that’s a folder, not a file.
Idiot: blank stare
Me: Trying not to simultaneously piss myself laughing. I had to call my roommate to make sure I was not losing my mind and someone who offers “desktop support” should know the difference between a folder and a file.
Evidently, he does not.


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