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Tuesday night I saw NIN for the second time in the past 3 months. First time was in Richmond on March 14. Had a blast. Candice went with me and we hung out at her house which was about 15 minutes from the venue, slightly more with traffic though it was not a bad drive at all! I think this is because we were already so close we could avoid I-66, I-95 and all other roads with I-designations! Just a quick jaunt down 29 and wa-la! Nissan Pavilion! I took off work Tuesday and Wednesday because I’ll be damned if I was going to be late to the show and you know driving in Northern Virginia is just NOT POSSIBLE during “rush hour” (defined as ALWAYS!), or have to work as a sore zombie. I am still very sore this morning and have a partial voice. But it was so worth it!

Without further rambling…


Trent has good taste in who he brings on tour with him. Knowing nothing about the band, I was impressed. They were really good. Totally dug them. Never did figure out why their guitarist/bassist never faced the audience. He had his back to us the entire time. Not much to say but I had the same feeling as when Saul Williams opened for NIN in Richmond, they had some really good, intelligent lyrics, I just could not really hear them. But the beat was good and melody made me want to move, so it’s all good. :-)


Again, knowing very little about them (and missing the DC101 radio thing, as it was later than when we got to the venue, due to NIN being stuck in traffic (gee, imagine that!). And I later found out that The Spiral members (aka the fan club) were able to get into the DC101 gig and also the sound check, which if I had KNOWN that earlier than post-show, we could easily have been there and enjoying it. But oh well.
Bauhaus was really good. Thoroughly enjoyed the old school goth. Peter Murphy is a nut. :-) And was lots of fun to listen to and watch. He had a long wooden pole that he used to deliver a rose to a lucky girl in the pit. Later on, he was playing under the lights. It was awesome to see him having so much fun! (Again, don’t really know much about Bauhaus previously, so that’s about all I have to say).


NIN was amazing! The show had some sound problems, complete with his mic cutting out at the end of Burn (I think it was burn) and it was summarily smashed onto the stage floor with the mic stand. And there was some definate distortion/sound issues during other parts of songs. Nothing too major, just annoying. You’d think Nissan could get their shit together. The sound seemed better in Richmond, but that may have been the difference between indoors and out too. I don’t know.
We had awesome seats, thanks to The Spiral membership I have. We were in Section 102, Row J, Seats 1 and 2. Basically, we were about 8 rows from the pit, which was much, much closer than Nissan’s web site gave the impression of. I was blown away. It was amazing. Not that I used my seat for NIN, but I was happy to have it during the long between-band pauses.
The setlist, as provided by my fellow Spiralers:

somewhat damaged
you know what you are
terrible lie
march of the pigs
something I can never have
gave up
help me i am in hell
non-entity (unreleased track)
into the void
the big come down
dead souls
down in it
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

The PHM/TDS heavy playlist suits me just fine. He hit the some of With Teeth and The Fragile. But mainly stuck to the older and less-played material.
It was absolutely AMAZING to hear Dead Souls (from The Crows soundtrack) and Burn (Natural Born Killers soundtrack) live. Those are two of my favorite songs and hearing them live was a whole different experience than rocking out to them on CD. Non-Entity was absolutely amazing! You can tell it’s an unreleased teack because the crowd was silent, a huge change from thousands of voices singing/screaming along to every word of every other track. That song is quickly becoming an all-time favorite. It’s haunting… hearing Trent play is with just a piano and backing drum beat sent chills down my spine. Here is Non-Entity from the Hurricane Katrina benefit.

I wish they would have played The Perfect Drug, another non-album track (Lost Highway Soundtrack) with a most amazing video that includes Christina Ricci, always a bonus.

And Candice pointed out they didn’t play Everyday Is Exacty The Same. Which I did not even realize until I thought about it. The Hand That Feeds made it into the post-Hurt encore. And yes, since Hurt was the last song played on the 2000 tour, my first NIN show where A Perfect Circle opened, anything after Hurt is considered encore by me. While I loved The Fragile, With Teeth has not grown on me in the same way. Finishing with Head Like a Hole was brilliant.
Pretty Hate Machine has got to be my favorite NIN album of all time. Although I can’t really listen to the CD anymore. I’ve been spoiled by hearing it live. It just can’t compare.


Many of the fans I saw there looked to young to be alive when Pretty Hate Machine came out in 1989. (Yes, 1989!)

During the encore, there were 3 boys, couldn’t have been more than 15-16 freaking out jumping around 4 rows ahead of me. Security let them down into the pit for the last 2 songs. I thought that was a real classy move.

There were two really immature girls that totally flipped out at us for asking them to sit down, or at least move slightly so my friend could see TV on the Radio. Then they disappeared for Bauhaus completely, were late getting back for NIN, then proceeded NOT TO MOVE NIN’s ENTIRE SET! How can you not move to NIN? I only make a deal out of this because they flipped out at us during TV on the Radio.


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