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For the past week I’ve been in the British Virgin Islands. The local people down here know what’s up. I can’t remember being in a more caring and giving group of people in a long time.

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is offering to help and reassure you this is not the U.S. and people aren’t out to get you. A couple examples from my recent vacation down in the British Virgin Islands…

When my brother Eric and I were in a shop earlier looking around the shopkeeper told us to relax and put down our bags and camera. She said, “This is not like the states, no one is looking to rip you off here.” And she’s right. People don’t care about taking your stuff here.

Earlier that day when we were down at The Baths on Virgin Gorda we left my camera with our shoes, hats, glasses and water bottle on a big rock near the sea as we swam and I didn’t have any qualms doing it. I was not afraid it would not be there when we returned. Unlike in the states where I am probably too paranoid and distrusting of people in general, but I would never leave anything like that just laying out at a public beach or recreational place.

Also when we were at the baths, a random taxi driver called us a taxi for lunch because he had a friend at that company and we had a package deal for a ferry ride, taxi and lunch at a restaurant all through one company. He didn’t have to make that call to help us out. But he did to help us out.

Speaking of taxis, there is an interesting taxi culture down here.
Also, “taxi” can be anything from a glorified pickup truck, van, or SUV. Some are more like carts with benches and others are full, recognizable vehicles. Because there are so few private cars on the island, there are a lot of taxis and every time we were in a taxi the driver would stop and pickup people he know, or other people who just needed a ride somewhere either on or off the route of our trip for free (as far as we could see).

Numerous times we got to see an extended view of the little town we were in because we’d be on a taxi ride of indeterminate length which was totally cool. It was nice to see people treating strangers nicely and going out of their way to do things for them just because.


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