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While surfing the vast interwebs on Wednesday, I stumbled across Post Secret’s web site, and came across a blog entry saying the creator Frank Warren was going to be in Richmond tonight, talking about the site along with the crew from Found Magazine.

I’ve been a fan of Post Secret for some time and was totally psyched about the creator being in town. Granted, he lives not far away in Germantown, MD.

I am so happy I stumbled across this even before it happened, so many times I miss things by days or hours because I just did not know about it (like Boondock Saints showing on the big screen a couple days ago).

Frank Warren was very cool. He told us of the history of the project. It started in D.C,/MD/VA with 3,000 self-addressed, blank post cards that he gave out to anyone and everyone he could find. Putting them in library books, leaving them at bus stops, anything. Pretty soon they started coming in. And the rest, as they say, is history.

He talked about the therapy in releasing a hidden secret, even anonymously. How there was a dialogue built between his readers on the site and those persons sending in cards and emails from around the world.

He read a few choice cards and emails and commented on them. Just the range of cards and topics was stunning. If you could imagine it, it was there. That’s one thing he found so interesting as well, just the range of secrets being shared and told.

All in all he talked about the project being a camel that is taking him on this amazing ride through humor emotion and discovery.

After that, the guys from Found Magazine got on stage. Found Magazine is a collection of found letters, drawings, fragments of thoughts, receipts, anything discarded by their authors. They are collected and compiled into magazines for all to read.

The two projects are very much kindred spirits of each other, both taking an interesting look at the human experience and what we consider art, not art, trash and not trash.

While this is a very boring entry to read most likely, it was an excellent night getting to listen to people talk about doing what they love! And the neat experiences and connections that have come from them.

I went to this whole shebang with Candice and had a long talk with her about it over 5 Guys delicious burgers and fries afterwards. She’s one smart monkey, who will do very well for herself in the design world, though she does not see it yet.

She knows everyone! And I mean EVERY ONE! And introduced me to some cool people this evening as well and I must check out the Refresh Richmond group. Basically a gaggle of web designers and developers that get together to talk about web design an development. Could be very cool. I just need to drag my ass out of my apartment from time to time. Networking is key and it’s one skill I am severely lacking in.


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