Public Discourse Dreamed 3572 days ago | | 149 words

You are aware that you can listen to him speak on education AND not agree with what he says, right?

You are aware you still have the ability to think for yourself, right?

You are aware he’s not going to force ideas upon your children, right?

You are aware children can think and decide for themselves, right?

Maybe he has some good ideas.

You’d never know.

Maybe he’ll say something interesting.

You’ll never know.

Maybe he’ll give away $100 to everyone there.

You’ll never know.

I am beginning to think it’s not possible to have a public discourse in this country any longer.

I am scared for the next 4 years in this country.

As those who are living in fear continue and try to drag the rest of us into it.

And the din increases.

And the irrationalist sensationalist actions increase.

Where does it take us?

At what point do I become afraid to have my own thoughts and my own opinions?


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