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Part of last week and this entire week I am covering two plants while a tech is out of town on vacation (and not the paid kind either).

So here I am, not only do I have my on 85 building plant to watch over and support, but I’ve also inherited his 280 building, 500 acre behemoth as well.

Along with full timers that aren’t helpful in the slightest when I try to get information out of them. Along with users who will not or cannot tell me WHERE they are on the site so I can find them to fix their machines. Along with being told incorrect information making double the work for me.

It’s been a long week already. And it’s only Tuesday night.

I am looking forward to my interview tomorrow.

It’s the same sort of work, but full time, with benefits, and (hopefully) decent pay. If it’s anywhere near what I am making now, I am going to take it without a second thought.

I love working where I am. The people are great and laid back. There’s no egos on the plant. The drive, while long, is opposite of the traffic congestion. I head out of town by morning and back to town by night. Makes for easy driving!

I just can’t afford to live in my beautiful apartment on the money I’m making. I pay too much in gas. I pay too much in wear and tear on the car. I pay too much in my time that it takes to get there and back everyday.

And there is no future there.

Sure, I could keep clinging to the infinitesimally small hope of being brought on full time (I won’t).

Sure, I could hope for a raise (that will never come).

Hey, I could even finally, 120+ days in, get a real login and password to the systems I am expected to use everyday instead of using another tech’s credentials (Did I mention it was over 120 days since I started?)

In short, I need to move on and I think this is a really good opportunity to do so.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about the interview after the fact tomorrow. It’s not until 5:30pm, so I’m cutting out of work a bit early to get to it. Seems fitting somehow.

Also, Splintered Reality’s The Black Death has relaunched!

Go forth and enjoy our fine sampling of music, words, and wares! And please, if you see anything horribly wrong, let me know. I heavily tested and tweaked the design to make it look the same across the hoard of browsers. So I just hope that it does.

Let me know what you think, of the site and of the music. The new album is finalized and will be available at all your favorite online retailers (as well as through me) very shortly.

Splintered Reality The Black Death. Coming to an internet near you!


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