The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggytardust Dreamed 4313 days ago | | 244 words

I found Saul Williams when he opened for Nine Inch Nails last year. A spoken word poet and rapper opening for an industrial band. Good mix. I feel in love instantly. Since then I picked up his first two albums I waited anxiously for his newest album to come out.

I was excited both for another amazing collection of Saul tracks, but also because Trent Reznor was producing and providing backing vocals on it.

Now that I’ve raved a bit. Why am I telling you all this? Well, because you can pick up “the inevitable rise and liberation of niggytardust!” completely free (as in beer and as in DRM) from You can choose between a “192Kbps DRM-free LAME encoded MP3s along with a PDF booklet.” or pay $5 and choose between the 192Kbps, 320Kbps, or FLAC-encoded version with the PDF booklet as well.

I paid my 5 and have been jamming to my high quality DRM-free MP3s all morning. The booklet is beautiful and the music is awesome.

I also just found a little nicety as I was going through the tracks on my iPod. They’ve included the lyrics so when you click through on the iPod you can see all the lyrics. A very nice touch in my opinion.

So, even if you’ve never heard of Saul but like intelligent rap with some beautiful beats behind it, I encourage you to check it out!


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