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Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a game where you try to connect different cities using colored railroad cars. The board game, also has an online version (free trial, $18/year) or an Xbox Live Arcade version (800 points) and is addictively fun!

Annie introduced it to me not too long ago since her college roommate had the board game and since it was a game that worked on our MacBooks we started playing. A lot.

I saw there was downloadable content available for the Xbox360 so the game must be there. So immediately we bought it, went through the tutorial (5 points!) and began playing.

First, I recommend reading the rules to get the hang of it. It’s not a complex game but there are some nuances you’ll enjoy knowing. Such as the game ends when you run out of cars. You can only play a set number of train cars and the first player to use all their cars triggers the final turn.

The game is additively fun and friendly for everyone and has become a current addiction! We plowed through most of the achievements last night but still enjoy playing even on the Mac.

I love this game because it helps me wind down after a long day, or in the case of last night, 2 solid hours of undefeated Call of Duty 4 playing. The biggest added benefit of playing Ticket to Ride online is the private chat feature so we can talk to each other and yell at each other as we wreck each other’s routes.

I recommend this game highly to anyone who enjoys simple puzzle games or has small children since it’s easy to pick up and can be easily grasped after a round or two.

Annie has ordered the board game and I can’t wait to sit down with our little train tiles and claim some routes!


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