Wiigret? Dreamed 4045 days ago | | 418 words


Nope. None.

I have had toddler-like joy playing with the Wii since it came home yesterday evening. I hooked it up first to the TV and then the projector so now I have 100” Wii-age with surround sound and no fear of anyone throwing anything through the “screen” since no TV is involved.

Megan and I are having stupid amounts of fun with it!

We’ve perused the news. IWeve gaped at the awesome weather interface. We’ve voted. Oh how we’ve voted. The Everybody Votes channel is sheer brilliance in my eyes. I have so muchfun voting then opening the results up to see the M/F or country breakdowns for the questions. We have bowled, golfed, boxed, baseballed and tennised to our hearts content.

I am on a mission for Mario Kart which is to be the first real game acquisition for the system. Brawl, Strikers and other Mario-like games can wait.

Mario Kart is my top priority!

This all being said, why can’t I buy Wii points? I tried tonight to spend $20 on some nice Wii points. Thank you Nintendo for making it a simple points conversion unlike Microsoft’s mathematic mess.

However, I couldn’t buy any points. I tried. Enterd my card info and address. Error message.

Error Code: 20809 There appears to be a temporary issue with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Our technicians are currently working to resolve this problem. Please try your connection again later. If you have waited several hours and are still seeing this error code, please call 1-800-255-3700. Our representatives are available between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time, seven days a week.

I would love to give you my money. However, if you can’t take it then that’s fine. I’ll keep it. No River City Ransom, Internet Channel and Bubble Bobble for me tonight.

So I turned off the Wii and let it think about what it did. Then I flipped on the Xbox360 and played Boogie Bunnies with my girlfriend for the next few hours.

Wii, you were hard enough to find Now I can’t give you my money in exchange for games. Not to mention I can’t even find a copy of Mario Kart for the Wii anywhere. I shall keep trying.

Wii, I love you dearly but you try my patience somedays. This is why I held off getting one. I didn’t want a primary console with a poor game selection and hardly existent online gaming selection.

Do I have an ounce of regret about buying it?

Not one!


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