Winter Cleaning. Dreamed 4265 days ago | | 299 words

Been cleaning out my life. Mentally. Physically.

Going to sell my old film cameras since I’ve not shot any film since 2004 or so. I’ve got all the Monty Python VHS tapes from when the TV series was released in the 90’s. Ditto with seasons 1-9 of Stargate SG-1. I’ve seen it all. Enjoyed it all. I don’t really intend to ever watch them again. Time to sell them.

Time to sort through all my old T-shirts that have too many holes or are too small and give them away or throw them out. Ditto with all the random computer equipment I have around here. I’ve got way too much… shit.

I’ll keep what is useful but the rest can go.

I don’t need to buy TV shows anymore. From anywhere. What I want to see I’ll download on bit torrent. We have cable, but I rarely watch it. I have my Netflix account, my Gamefly account and my bit torrent for the few shows I care enough to watch, but don’t want to be tied to their times. I don’t even know when most of them come on.

The endgame to all this is to become a happier, healthier person all the way around. To get into an exercise routine I will actually stick with. To get more creative again and tap into the thoughts locked inside my head.

To write more. To record music.
To sing, I don’t play instruments.

To get some designs out of my head and into code and online. To perhaps make a real effort to get Digital Ink or Splintered Reality into something more than pet projects and dreams.

I want to make changes.
But I need to do it on my own pace.
At my own speed.
And it’s happening.

Slowly but surely.
But it’s happening.

And that’s exciting.


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