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I started this article on December 13, 2004 and will most likely never come back to finish it, so I figured why not go ahead and post it. So here it is.

I am sitting on a very tall chair that my legs barely reach the ground in (and I’m 6’5”)! Sitting at a tall table, where I have a PC setup.

Welcome to my workspace.

I am glad I don’t have to do any real work here, like coding or designing because I can’t concentrate. I am not in the least comfortable. When I am not comfortable, I cannot concentrate on my work, or much else for that matter. I think I spend more time everyday switching positions, (feet on table, feet tucked underneath, feet stretched out, slouched to the right/left…) than I do getting any real work done. Granted my job is to deploy PCs and answer help desk calls. The latter involves any matter of things, the former involves lots of desk and cubicle spelunking.

I recently purchased a new chair for myself at home because I could not sit at my computer long enought to get into the Zone™. If you’re a designer, artist, programmer, athlete, hell damn near anyone, you’ll know what I mean. It’s that place you get to where the hours seem like minutes and you can lost entire days faster than you know it… Why am I so hungry? Oh right, I’ve been working for the past 10 hours! That would explain it.

*changes position*

It’s this simple idea of comfort = productivity I wish more employers would understand. If your employees are comfortable and happy and able to make it into that Zone, they will be far more productive than they would otherwise.

If you have a comfortable workspace with chairs, desks, and input devices positioned comfortably, you’re apt to get a lot more done. Think of all the time you’d gain not having to get up and walk around and change positions within the day. You could get into the Zone longer and work harder because of it.

In addition to assuring you a comfortable place to rest yourself during your working hours, another beast of distraction is telephones. Specifically people speaking loudly in the cubicle or office nearby. Most expecially when they are loudly talking into their speakerphone, with someone who is (as a result of the volume being maxed out) also talking loudly.

Now you are subject to other’s conversations in addition to the normal stresses during your workday. There is nothing more distracting than two people have a loud phone conversation when you are trying to work, especially when it’s something that involves a lot of concentration.


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