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I’ve noticed a trend while playing Saints Row online with Xbox Live. All of the players either sound like they’re 12, with prepubescent high-pitched voices or they’re 35 with deep thundering baritones.

I wonder what I sound like when I’m talking online. I wonder where I fall in the spectrum of 12 or 35. It’s almost as if there is a filter on the headsets lumping you into one category or the other with no middle ground.

In the 54 days (according to 360voice) I’ve played Saints Row I’ve played in around 500 multi player matches where I’ve been subjected to the gamer’s dichotomy.

Why do so many people sound like they’re 12? I think it’s partially because there are a lot of young gamers out there. Most of the time they’re better than I am. They also seem to get off line earlier than I do and other night owls I game with. This is of course, by no means definitive data, just the observations of one gamer.

The 35 year old theory comes from people having deep voices that may be accentuated by the headsets or the compression or countless other things. I’ve run across less of these players than I have of the 12 year old variety because the 12 group sticks in my mind more than the baritones. I’m usually asking myself why a parent would let their kids play a game like this at such a young age, and why they’re so much better at it than I am!

This ignored all of the middle ground normal-voices gamers and all the people who play without headsets, or like me, choose not to chat while gaming. They’re the silent majority. And the people who sound “normal” are more forgettable than the 12 year old blasting you away with a shotgun.


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